City protects historic bar

  • 2007-04-16
  • Joel Alas
Tallinn's infamous Valli Baar 's a smoky dive popular with old vodka-drinking men 's has been placed under a heritage protection order.The Estonian city has deemed that the working class bar is as important as the Old Town's church towers and cobbled streets.

The Tallinn Cultural Heritage Department filed the protection order to preserve the bar, which is the last example of 1960s décor left in the Old Town.

The bar, which has remained the same since it opened in 1969, is famous amongst locals for its smoky atmosphere, its friendly local customers and its cheap drinks. It is best known for its house specialty, the milli mallikas (jellyfish), a firey shot of tequila, sambuca and Tabasco sauce.

Cultural Heritage Department head Boris Dubovik said the bar should be preserved because of its iconic style.

"This is the last bar in the Old City with 1960s design. All other bars from this period have been rebuilt in a modern style," he told The Baltic Times. "I am afraid that if there is money, they will rebuild this bar."