Lithuanian SSD makes major guns, drugs bust

  • 2007-04-09
  • From wire reports
The Lithuanian State Security Service announced Friday that it has stopped a channel of illegal weapons movement to Lithuania and other EU countries during a joint anti-terrorist operation.

During the special operation, more than 100 automated guns, as well as TT, Makarov, CZ, Margolin pistols and large quantity of ammunition, explosives, detonators and drugs were found. It has been determined that the criminal group had been delivering guns for organized criminal groups functioning in Lithuania. The guns could have reached terrorist organizations functioning abroad.

SSD media representative Vytautas Makauskas reported that the bust was the result of an international investigation and reconnaissance anti-terrorist operation during which the SSD was cooperating with the criminal service of Lithuanian customs, as well as the special services of Estonia and other EU countries. The investigation took more than half a year.

During the investigation, 14 people were arrested in Lithuania, Estonia and other European countries.

Property of the criminal group involved, valued in the millions of euros, has been confiscated in various countries.

Pretrial investigations of the criminal acts have been initiated in Lithuania and other European countries.