Latvian PM praises oil spill clean-up

  • 2007-04-02
  • BNS
One week after an oil spill in Belarus flowed into Latvia's Daugava river, Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis has praised the work of rescue teams and pledged to "turn to Belarus" over the damages.

Kalvitis said all services worked professionally and managed to contain the pollution.

"Thanks to all services for speedy and professional work. The services have managed to stop and gather large a part of the oil products, however this does not meet that the situation is already solved," Kalvitis pointed out.

The prime minister told journalists that the tests conducted so far do not indicate a threat of environmental disaster. "What has been done is damage to environment, and we will turn to Belarus over the damages," he said.

Interior Ministry state secretary Aivars Straume told the press that it is the duty of Belarus authorities "to think how to prevent similar catastrophes in the future."

The ministry official noted that Belarus has many oil pipelines that are in poor condition. "It is necessary to check the situation on the Belarus side and get ready for such catastrophes," Straume said.