Barroso: Lithuania's problems are Europe's problems

  • 2007-03-30
  • By TBT staff
VILNIUS 's On his first visit to Lithuania, Chairman of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso during his speech at the parliament praised the country and reminded about challenges to the European Union.
At the celebratory parliamentary meeting on the 50th anniversary of the treaty of Rome, Barroso said that he wanted people to know that Lithuania's problems are Europe's problems, that over two decades Lithuania has become a prospering country and that within two years Vilnius will become the European cultural capital.
In his speech, the EC chairman also mentioned the new challenges that EU faces, saying that with the world facing new challenges like mass migration, security risks, globalization, we have to follow the cornerstone principles of solidarity, both in politics, and economy and in the social sphere, as well as openness and transparency.
Barroso finished his speech by repeating that the EU became stronger with Lithuania joining it.