Reform offers portfolio plan for formation of new government

  • 2007-03-28
  • TBT staff
The chairman of the Reform Party presented this morning to negotiators of the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) and the Social Democratic Party a new plan for the division of portfolios among a new governing coalition.
Reform is offering the Social Democrats three Cabinet posts and four parliamentary committee chairmanships instead of the education portfolio on which the latter had set its sights. The SDE would thus get in addition to the finance, interior and population portfolios also the chairmanships of the standing Foreign Affairs, Social Affairs, Cultural and Rural Life committees.
The new offer gives IRL six ministerial posts and three committee chairmanships. Besides filling the positions of parliament speaker and defense, education, agriculture, economy and regional affairs minister, IRL would also chair the European Affairs, Environmental and Legal committees.
IRL has stated that they consider the portfolio plan a serious offer and that it represents a statesmanlike compromise.
The Reform Party is to have the premiership, foreign, justice, environment, culture and social affairs portfolios, and chairmanships of the Finance, Economy, Defense and Constitutional committees.