Poor Lithuanians to recieve food support

  • 2007-03-07
  • TBT Staff
The poorest Lithuanian citizens will receive support in form of food soon - the first batches of products have already been delivered to warehouses in 40 municipalities. The programme is implemented using European Union money. It distributes agriculture stores to the poorest people through charity organizations, the Agriculture Ministry has reported.

Food from intervention warehouses worth a total of 11.3 million litas (EUR 3.28 million) will be given out this year. According to tentative data of municipalities, there are more than 240 thousand people who need such support. Each person will get 2-3 kilogram's of food a month. According to data from the Department of Statistics, some 615,000 of Lithuanian residents 's or 18 percent of all the residents 's lived in relative poverty in 2005.