Irish police detains a suspect in the of murder of Latvian woman

  • 2007-01-17
  • By TBT staff
A man has been detained in Ireland who is suspected of murdering a Latvian woman, Baiba Saulite, last November the Internet portal, reported. The 26-year old man was arrested at his home in the city of Finglas on Tuesday morning. The detained man is believed to be an associate of murdered drug dealer Martin Hyland, and his is also reportedly implicated in another gun attack last year -- the fatal shooting of another woman, Donna Cleary, at a house in north Dublin. Saulite, aged 28, was shot dead on Nov. 19 at the doorway to her home in Swords. The police believed that it was a contract killing. The father of the children, Hassan Hassan, is currently in custody in Mountjoy Prison on a separate matter.