Tallinn hospitals urges medics to drop strike plan

  • 2007-01-12
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - Leaders of major hospitals in Tallinn have issued a statement which while expressing support for a pay rise for doctors, nurses and care personnel calls on medics to drop the plan for a strike, the municipal press service reports.
The hospital boards consider a 40 percent rise in medics' pay in two years possible provided the share of payroll in the price list of medical services rises instead of 17 percent by 20 percent both this and the next year.
The boards and supervisory councils of hospitals have analyzed the availability of medical services during the strike and reached the conclusion that the action will jeopardize the health and life of the persons needing help, paralyzing at the same time the provision of health services not only to Tallinn residents, but also to residents of North and West Estonia who turn to Tallinn-based medical institutions for consultations and inpatient aid, the press service said.
For that reason, hospital boards do not support the planned strike.