President of Afghanistan thanks Estonia for aid

  • 2006-12-11
VILNIUS - Afghani President Hamid Karzai thanked Estonia's Prime Minister Andrus Ansip for the nation's contribution to bolstering security in Afghanistan.
On Dec. 10, Ansip undertook an official visit to Afghanistan, where Estonian troops are serving as part of NATO forces.
Karzai told Ansip that Estonia's help was very welcome.
"We are very thankful for the contribution of your soldiers who are risking their lives to bring a better life to our people," said Karzai. He said Estonian soldiers were brave and deserve high praise. He voiced the hope there will come a time when Afghanistan can do something for Estonia.
The president said it was vital to create in Afghanistan a law-based stable environment and combat corruption. He named the shortage of human resources as a great problem in the reconstruction of the country and inquired about the possibility of young Afghans studying at Estonian universities.