Juhan Parts: We've lost to Russia in the propaganda war

  • 2006-12-08
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - Estonia is on the losing end of the propaganda war with Russia, former Prime Minister Juhan Parts said on Thursday Dec. 7.
"If we take stock of our foreign policy of recent years, we get a bleak result," the MP from the merged opposition party Pro Patria and Res Publica Union said in his comments following a keynote address by the minister of foreign affairs ahead of a foreign policy discussion in parliament.
"We've lost to Russia in the propaganda war in Estonia and in Europe alike. And that is only because of our own sluggishness and passivity," the former leader of Res Publica said in his remarks to fellow lawmakers after the speech by Foreign Minister Urmas Paet.
Parts said that Estonia at this point has no clear-cut mission in foreign policy, it lacks initiative and acquiesces in mirroring the policy of large European nations.
Parts described Estonia's foreign policy of recent years as mediocre and lacking ambition.