Kalyuzhny points out the opportunities not taken by Russia

  • 2006-12-01
  • By TBT staff
RIGA - Russian Ambassador to Latvia Viktor Kalyuzhny believes that Latvia is not taking advantage of its geographical location and misses opportunities to expand its cooperation with Russia in energy and transit.

Kalyuzhny said in an interview to Russian weekly Rosiijskije Vesti that after Latvia's accession to the European Union (EU), there is a widespread opinion that all the problems in relations with Moscow will be solved through Brussels without any efforts. Meanwhile such countries as Germany, France and Italy are active in developing positive bilateral relations with Russia.
"Latvia currently does not make use of its geographical advantages and therefore it misses good opportunities to expand its cooperation with Russia in energy and transit. Meanwhile, those are other EU countries who receive good projects, agreements and dividends," said the ambassador.

He said that Latvia should finally listen to Russian President Vladimir Putin's words of Russia's openness to a constructive dialogue. "Latvia should stop threatening people with Russia, it is time to start living and becoming aware of reality," said Kalyuzhny.

He would like to advise Latvian politicians, "Be happy and enjoy life in the EU, but remember that there is no difference between the Soviet Union and the EU in terms of freedom and independence," said the ambassador.
Commenting on the recent parliament elections in Latvia, the Russian ambassador said that results of the elections reflect society's wish for stability, pragmatism and mutually positive relations with Russia.