About a thousand officials will accompany Bush on his visit to Estonia

  • 2006-11-16
  • By TBT Staff
TALLINN - US President George W. Bush, who is scheduled to arrive an a state visit to Estonia on Nov. 27, will be accompanied by nearly 1,000 employees of the US government, newspaper Eesti Paevaleht reported.
To support the historic visit by President Bush to Estonia, up to 1,000 officials of the US government will be working in Estonia to help their Estonian colleagues, spokesman for the US embassy Eric A. Johnson told the newspaper.
He said the US government opted for the Radisson SAS hotel in Tallinn primarily because of the capacity it offers.
"Radisson SAS was one of the hotels of Tallinn that met our requirements in terms of space," the spokesman said.
Bush will arrive in Estonia on the evening of Nov. 27 and proceed from here to the NATO summit in Riga after meeting Estonian leaders on the following day.