Lithuanians among heaviest drinking nations in Europe

  • 2006-11-06
  • By TBT staff
VILNIUS - Lithuanians are among the heaviest drinkers in Europe, an international study has shown.
According to a report by the British Institute of Alcohol Studies, entitled Alcohol in Europe, the total alcohol consumption in Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia amounts to over 18 litres of pure alcohol per adult each year.
The report was presented at an international conference, 'Nordic and Baltic Countries against Drugs', at the Lithuanian parliament on Nov. 3.
According to the report, only out of ten adults in Lithuania are non-drinkers.
The report also suggests that almost 15 percent of Lithuanian teenagers aged 15-16 consume alcohol, with boys drinking 2.5 times more frequently than girls.
In Great Britain, Latvia, Scandinavian countries, the number of juveniles consuming alcohol is higher than that in Lithuania.