Artis Pabriks and the First Minister of Wales discuss problems of workforce migration

  • 2006-10-27
  • By TBT Staff
RIGA - Minister of Foreign Affairs Artis Pabriks on Oct. 26 met with the First Minister of Wales, Rhodri Morgan, and discussed problems of workforce migration in the European Union.
Morgan stated that after the recent enlargement of the EU, unexpectedly large numbers of guest workers have arrived in the United Kingdom, which is a great economic benefit; however, the UK is cautious about further opening of its labor market.
Artis Pabriks admitted that Latvia is not going to put any limitations to workforce mobility from the new candidate states Bulgaria and Romania because they have been in the same enlargement round with Latvia. Neither does Latvia have any political or economic reasons for doing this. Moreover, Latvia believes that free movement of labor increases Europe's competitiveness in the world market.
Minister Pabriks expressed his hope to the First Minister that with the economic development of Latvia, many emigrants from this country will return to their homeland. Therefore, Latvia seeks to maintain close contacts with the Latvian Diasporas abroad.