Queen's Jeep for sale

  • 2006-10-23
  • By TBT staff
RIGA - Latvian royal fanatics have bid to purchase the Range Rover Jeep used by Queen Elizabeth II during her recent state visit.
Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were transported around the Baltics in specially purchased Range Rovers, identical to the ones the British Queen uses in England.
The Latvian public television news program De Facto reported that several people had made offers to buy the Range Rover, which was equipped with the unique number plate 'HM' for Her Majesty.
The successful bidder will take possession of the car on Oct. 23, the program reported. The name of the buyer and the price of the car were not revealed.
However, the program also took a shot at the chauffeurs hired to drive the royal couple. The drivers had not mastered the car's equipment prior to the visit, and did not know how to adjust the height of the car, making it inconvenient for the Queen to get in and out, the program said.