Lithuanian speaker sees queen's visit as success

  • 2006-10-18
  • By TBT staff
Lithuania's Parliamentary Speaker Viktoras Muntianas declared the visit of British Queen Elizabeth II as an extremely significant event for Lithuania. "This is a very important, very significant visit for Lithuania. Nobody can deny that the British Queen is a prime example of morality to the world. She is also a very kind, very warm person, and it is really nice to talk to her," Muntianas said in an interview to the Ziniu Radijas news radio on Wednesday. The parliamentary speaker noted that the monarch's speech at the Lithuanian parliament on Tuesday was of great importance to the country. "The speech is very significant for us, as it expresses recognition of our work since the restoration of independence. It was noted that from a recipient of support we had turned into a country capable of taking care of itself as well as contributing to the partners' efforts to defend the values preserved by all of us. This is a very high evaluation," the parliamentary speaker said. The British monarch, is on a tour of the Baltic states. The queen was in Vilnius on Monday evening, and finished her state visit to Lithuania on Wednesday. The queen is to travel next to Latvia.