Russian consulate general robbed in Klaipeda

  • 2006-10-05
  • By TBT staff
The apartment of the Russian consul general in Klaipeda was robbed in the early hours of Wednesday, the Lithuanian Police Department said. The suspect had the stolen items in his possession when he was detained while attempting to hide in the Dane River. According to the department's press release, the home of Consulate General Leonid Basnin was broken into at about 5 a.m. while he was sleeping. The suspect made his way into the apartment through a window and ran off with a computer, a mobile telephone, jewelry and other items estimated at 8,200 litas (2,400 euros). Police officers spotted a suspicious person next to the Dane River at about 5:30 a.m. When approached the man jumped into the river. The suspect sank some of the stolen items, while the remaining ones were fished out by fire and rescue services. The 32 year-old man agreed to get out of the water following negotiations and was taken into police custody.