Poll favors People's Party for general elections

  • 2006-10-04
  • From wire reports
RIGA - The ruling People's Party is the ratings leader going into this week's general elections, reveals a poll published in the daily Diena on Sept. 29. However, the survey also shows that nearly 20 percent of Latvia's eligible voters are still undecided on whom to choose.

In a survey conducted for Diena by Latvijas Fakti pollster, the People's Party received 12.6 percent of respondents' votes, which is a slight decline from the previous poll carried out Sept. 19-21. The latest figures were obtained Sept. 23-26.
Latvia's Greens and Farmers Union ranked second in the poll with 12.3 percent support, slightly more than in the previous survey.
Leftist alliance For Human Rights in United Latvia took the third position with 8.8 percent, and the opposition center-right New Era party was fourth with 7.1 percent.

According to the latest public opinion poll, three other parties will overcome the five percent voting threshold set for winning seats in Parliament: The alliance of Latvia's First Party and Latvia's Way could win 5.9 percent of votes, the nationalist alliance For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK (TB/LNNK) could receive 5.8 percent, and the leftist Harmony Center may win 5.7 percent of votes.

Latvia's Social Democratic Workers Party (3.5 pct), New Democrats (2.1 pct), Motherland (1.3 pct), Pensioners and Seniors Party (1.3 pct), as well as Everything for Latvia (1.1 pct) would fail to win any mandates if the elections were held in September.
Eleven percent of respondents polled said they were not going to take part in the general elections, scheduled for
Oct. 7.