Artist prevented from publicly slaying lamb

  • 2006-09-25
  • By TBT staff

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian Animals Protection Society successfully interrupted public slaying of a lamb in Vilnius on Sept. 21, which had been planned as an "artistic action."
The LAPC received an anonymous telephone call about a planned live slaying of a lamb during a performance at the Contemporary Art Center. The slaying was scheduled as a performance of a local artist.
The LAPC forwarded the information to the State Food and Veterinary Service and the police who immediately rushed to the Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius and prevented the slaying.
Artist Evaldas Jansas and the organizers of the event said slaying was also a form of "art."
Organizers of the international festival of performances Dimensija 1 had warned the audience of about 50 people about the potentially cruel images, and asked underage people to leave the hall.
"Such slaying of an animal without drugging runs counter to many provisions of an animal's well-being and morals, and disguising it as 'art' is absurd," said Benas Noreikis, member of the LAPC board.