Toxic waste ship arrives in Estonia's Paldiski port

  • 2006-09-18
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - A toxic waste-carrying vessel dubbed the 'death ship' has docked in the Estonian port of Paldiski.
The Probo Koala has been held responsible for unloading toxic waste on the Ivory Coast in August, triggering an environmental catastrophe that killed at least six people and made thousands ill.
The toxic waste 's a mix of hydrogen sulphide and organochloride - was transferred from the ship to dump sites around the Ivorian port city of Abidjan. The incident has forced the government of Ivory Coast to resign.
The same ship tried to unload 450 tons of a similar cargo in Amsterdam, however the discharge was halted following complaints about the noxious smell and a disagreement over docking fees.
The ship docked in Paldiski last week and was inspected by the Estonian Maritime Administration and environmental inspectors, who did not detect any shortcomings.
The Estonian Maritime Administration said there were no known plans for the Probo Koala to unload waste in Estonia.