Dozens Estonian cultural figures to back Ilves for president

  • 2006-09-13
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - Several dozen Estonian cultural figures and scientists today threw their backing behind Toomas Hendrik Ilves, calling on members of the Electoral College to elect the Social Democrat for president.
The presidential election has brought about a situation, which is changing Estonia into a musty province, which in turn undermines Estonians' self-confidence and the reliability of the country, the signatories said in a statement today.
"On Sept. 23, 347 of us will gather in the Estonia concert hall to elect the Estonian head of state. Only 347 - but this is a day to set the goals for the whole country. Our wish is that the path chosen on that day take Estonia away from the looming staleness toward a broader life outlook," the statement reads.
The signatories say they are prepared to guarantee that Ilves as a presidential candidate backed by 80 people will make a good head of state.
The cultural figures mention incumbent President Arnold Ruutel, thanking him for the appeal to back Estonia's accession to the European Union he made three years ago.