Amnesty International: Estonia must respect people's right to self-expression

  • 2006-08-16
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - Amnesty International has condemned attacks against participants in last week's Tallinn gay pride.
In a statement made on Aug. 15 Amnesty International drew attention to the fact that in accordance with international and European law, Estonia, too, must respect people's right to self-expression and peaceful assembly and ensure security of participants in the parade. This time the Estonian authorities failed to do so, the statement read.
The organization regarded it as positive that politicians had expressed no opposition to such events and made no homophobic statements, but did give the government the recommendation that it take concrete steps in order to increase awareness, tolerance and respect of the rights of same-sex people.
About twenty aggressive young men attacked participants in the gay pride in the Old City of Tallinn at 15:30 on Saturday. In what is believed to have been a skinheads' attack dozens of participants in the parade were hurt despite interference by the police and security men.