Violence surrounds Tallinn pride parade

  • 2006-08-14
  • By TBT staff
Youths attack gay parade marchersTALLINN - About 20 young men armed with stones and sticks attacked participants in a gay pride parade in Tallinn on Saturday afternoon, despite a stepped-up police presence, organizers said.The parade's spokesperson, Lisette Kampus, told the Baltic News Service that the attack took place at about 3:30 p.m. in Pikk Jalg in the Old Town. "It's the same bunch of people who gather to rally near the Bronze Soldier and call themselves Estonian nationalists," she said. Kampus said several participants in the parade sustained injuries in the attack, despite interference by police and security personnel. Paramedics treated victims on the scene. The spokesperson for the north police prefecture said police had detained six men for violating public order.One of the detained men was under the influence of alcohol, and one person turned to the Central Tallinn borough police department to report a case of sustaining bodily harm, the spokesperson said. Organizers said an estimated 500 people took part in the parade, the start of which was delayed by a false bomb threat to the gay bars on the street where the participants gathered.