Kalle Laanet sees no threat from British terrorists for Estonia

  • 2006-08-11
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - There is no risk for Estonia in connection with the British decision to raise the terror alert level in that country to the highest possible level, Interior Minister Kalle Laanet said at a government press conference on Aug. 10.
"Estonian security institutions are in an intense exchange of information with their British colleagues. There is no reason for panic," minister outlined.
He said Estonia's security services were analyzing the situation on a permanent basis and Estonia was having valid routines for how to react to possible dangers.
Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said he had talked earlier in the day with the Estonian ambassador to Britain, Margus Laidre, who said that apparently the stepped-up terror alert will remain in force in the United Kingdom for days.
The foreign minister reiterated the recommendation that all Estonian nationals register with the ministry before going to a foreign country, so that the government could give them assistance more quickly if trouble hits.