Estonia launches criminal investigation into missing girl

  • 2006-08-09
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN 's Chief Prosecutor Norman Aas ordered a criminal investigation to be launched into circumstances behind the abduction of 19-year-old Estonian national Aminat Mahmudova in the Russian republic of Dagestan.
Proceedings were started on the basis of the penal code article that deals with depriving a person of liberty without legal grounds, as well as a provision of the same law which says the penal code is applicable when crimes are committed outside Estonia if the victim of the crime is an Estonian citizen.
On Aug. 6, the chairman of the Dagestani cultural society in Estonia, Apandi Mahmudov, told the Foreign Ministry that her 19-year-old daughter had been kidnapped while visiting Dagestan.
Mahmudov said her daughter, Aminat Mahmudova, was kidnapped by a group of armed and masked men.