Tallinn power bloc for lifting rent restrictions

  • 2000-03-02
TALLINN (BNS) - The Tallinn city government is in favor of lifting rent restrictions because it thinks market regulation would bring down the rent level.

Mayor Juri Mois said there is no housing problem in Tallinn.

"We have 400 vacant apartments," Mois said.

Mois confirmed that lifting rent restrictions is one of the city government's priorities. "We will do it as soon as we get concrete data that it will bring down, not raise market prices."

The association Res Publica initiated the lifting of restrictions from rent, handing in a bill to the Tallinn City Council on Feb. 22 so that a Tallinn city government decree of 1998 on setting the maximum rent in the city at 8 kroons ($0.51) a square meter would be declared invalid.

According to the bill, the rent restrictions would be lifted as of Jan.1, 2001.

Res Publica made a similar motion in the city council in 1999, but it was voted down by the Center Party-dominated council.