Hockey fan's shoe draws icy response

  • 2006-06-12
  • TBT staff

RIGA - Latvian hockey fans were devastated when their ice hockey team was trampled underfoot by Canada at the recent World Championships in Riga.
Following the 11-0 walk-over, one Latvian fan sought consolation by auctioning a shoe he threw onto the ice mid-game.
But so far, no one has been willing to foot the bill.
Dainis Krievs is hoping someone will pay 2,000 US dollars for his left-foot sneaker, which he has listed on the online auction site
Krievs was fined 50 lats (71 euro) after he hurled a shoe onto the ice during the match, which was twice interrupted when fans threw objects including coins and clothing in protest at referee's decisions.
Krievs describes his shoe as "scandalous", and offers Latvian press clippings as proof of its infamy.
However buyers have responded coldly to the offer, as there have been no bids made to purchase the shoe.