TBT recommends - 2006-05-10

  • 2006-05-10
You can get the most authentic Estonian food in town here. The cooks in this place don't go through the motions. They just do what they know to do, and they do it exactly right. No Viru Street garbage here.
Lauteri 1
More info: www.eestimaja.ee

AUGustine maruri
May 23 's 19:00 's Spanish guitarists, besides being the sexiest human beings alive, tend to make pretty damn good music. Agustin Maruri, who has cut 20 recordings in his career, is known for his sexiness and music all over the world.
Maruri's concert will stretch across a millennium of music history, including Irish tunes from the 11th century and Spanish music from the 17th century.
The concert will be held at The House of the Blackheads.
More info: www.hbf.lv

May 13 's The second international festival of oriental dancing can't be missed. You get to see brilliant dancers from Great Britain, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia. After midnight, you get some serious oriental disco.
The event will be held in Club New York (Kalvariju St. 85)
More info: www.orientalija.com