Palts: Veskimagi is not suitable to head the merger negotiations

  • 2006-05-05
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - Leaders of Estonia's Res Publica party, which is set to unite with Pro Patria Union have fallen out with each other and the former mayor of Tallinn, Tonis Palts, has called on Chairman Taavi Veskimagi to step down as the chief negotiator, the Estonian Postimees daily reported on May 5.
The extended council of Res Publica supported at the April 22 meeting with 60 votes for and just one against the emergence of the new party but unity vanished as the subject of Res Publica chairman came under discussion.
According to Postimees, Palts said that Veskimagi is not suitable to head the merger negotiations. Palts also has accused Veskimagi of creating a wrong idea about the unification of the two parties and steering the party in the wrong direction, with a slant for Reform Party principles.
Commenting on Palts' remarks, Veskimagi told Postimees that Palts is embittered and refused to enter into a public debate.