Paul-Eerik Rummo, Laine Janes, Toomas-Hendrik Ilves named as presidential candidates

  • 2006-03-22
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - Estonian Reform Party has nominated its presidential candidates: Population Minister Paul-Eerik Rummo, Mayor of Tartu Laine Janes and MEP Toomas-Hendrik Ilves, a Social-Democrat.
According to Reform Party chairman Andrus Ansip, the Party is convinced that Estonia needs a president who would embody the present day of free, newly-independent Estonia and is capable of vigorously representing Estonian interests in the world as head of state, BNS reported.
"Janes, Rummo and Ilves - each of them carries a somewhat different message, but the Reform Party is convinced that each of them would make a dignified president for Estonia," Ansip said.
He said that all the three candidates were well known to the Estonian public, being personalities who respected parliamentary democracy, had positive attitudes to life and western foreign policy orientations.
Ansip also added that all the three candidates had agreed to be nominated for presidential candidates.
The term of office of the incumbent president Arnold Ruutel will expire this fall.