Lack of IT specialists leads to outsourcing

  • 2005-12-14
  • Baltic News Service
Due to a lack of skilled IT specialists, many Estonian companies are having jobs performed abroad or are mulling it as an option.

The daily Eesti Paevaleht reported that companies suffering from a dearth of specialists have been eyeing countries such as Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Romania, as possible outsourcing destinations.

Rasmus Rask, human resources manager at Hansabank's IT division, said the bank has received help from colleagues in Latvia and Lithuania. "We have increased the share of information technology (operations) there," he said, adding that IT operations can be conducted from a distance.

Rask said software development was suffering from an acute shortage of specialists. "Good Java and PL/SQL programs are in greatest demand. They are always highly valued," he added.

Webmedia, an Estonian software developing company, would hire 50 more people at once if possible.

Priit Alamae, CEO of Webmedia, said a shortage of skilled specialists has forced the company to look in other countries. "Lithuania, Romania and Serbia are the first on the shortlist," Alamae said.

Webmedia is about to open its branches in Serbia and Romania soon, in addition to existing offices in Finland and Lithuania. The company isn't planning to bring in any workers, however. "That would not be cost-effective, and besides, Estonian laws don't favor it," Alamae said.

All three Baltic states are witnessing a gradual loss of skilled labor, the result of migration to Western Europe and a lower than necessary birth rate.