Brazauskas, Estonian utility talk nuclear

  • 2005-12-07
  • From wire reports
TALLINN - Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas met with leaders of Eesti Energia (Estonian Energy), the national power company, to discuss a possible new nuclear power plant in Lithuania to replace the one in Ignaline that will be phased out at the end of 2009.
The parties agreed that they would draw up a brief protocol of intent and would then jointly start looking into issues connected with construction of the power plant.

Brazauskas told reporters after the meeting that there was every opportunity for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Ignalina 's existing infrastructure, experienced work force, civic support. He said that the Baltic countries must certainly cooperate in the energy sphere, as it makes it possible to more effectively manage the systems.

Lembit Vali, board member of Eesti Energia, said that preparations for the construction of a nuclear power plant would take at least eight years.

The Baltic countries' energy system will require new capacity around 2016-2017 when the old power blocks of the Narva Power Plants will be closed because of toughening environmental requirements.

Nuclear energy has a priority situation also because it generates no carbon dioxide discharges, as the requirements concerning such discharges are getting tougher and tougher, Vali said.