Body business revealed

  • 2005-11-11
  • By TBT staff
VILNIUS- Rimantas Sagzdavicius, director of the Vilnius Emergency Medical Treatment Station, said the station might have been conducting a successful "body business."

"Police are investigating the facts of inadequate or negligent medical service, resulting in the death of an individual. For the past 18 months were had seven such cases," the station's chief said.

According to Sagzdavicius, there were about 10 EMTS employees involved in the "body business."

He didn't reveal any names except Tadeusz Rodz, chairman of the EMTS medical workers' trade union, which was included in the list.

According to BNS, trade union members had accused Sagzdavicius himself of embezzling assets in large amounts.

In Sagzdavicius' words, the municipality pressured him to file the resignation, however, he decided to resume his duty.

"I thought this would be in the public interests and would not disturb the Station's operation," Sagzdavicius explained. "But the employees refused to deal with it and were asking me to stay."