False info from Russia not to deter crash investigation

  • 2005-10-02
VILNIUS - Defense Minister Gediminas Kirkilas said that the false information about the Su-27 fighter that crashed recently in the western part of the country would not have a detrimental effect on the investigation.

"In fact, this will not determine the investigation and should not influence the decoding of black boxes either. But maybe there was a purpose... The Russian party does not like the fact that we are conducting the investigation consistently, according to laws, are trying not to politicize the investigation," he told the Ziniu Radijas radio station.

"I think it will be one of the few cases when the crash of such an aircraft will be investigated and the result will be announced. Some Russian quarters are discontented about it," he said.

He said the false data "disgraceful." "Presumably it is done to be able to say: those Lithuanians, they even had a wrong side number or something like that, so as to downgrade the results and conclusions of the investigation," the defense minister said.