Commission meets to discuss downed Russian fighter

  • 2005-09-18
VILNIUS 's An interdepartmental commission investigating the crash of Russian Su-27 fighter in Lithuanian territory was held at a military headquarters on Saturday in the capital with the participation of Russian military officials.

The Russians were acquainted with the facts of the case.

On Friday the Prosecutor General's Office questioned the pilot, Valery Troyanov, for five hours.

The place crashed in the Sakiai district near the border with the Kaliningrad exclave. The pilot ejected and landed in the neighboring district of Jurbarkas.

The plane had been flying from St. Petersburg to a base in Kaliningrad Oblast.

It is believed that the plane lost its bearings due to a faulty navigation system.

The place did not have authorization to enter Lithuanian air space.

"I think that the investigation of the reasons behind the accident may take a month," Defense Staff Chief Brigadier General Vitalijus Vaiksnoras, the head of the interdepartmental commission, told the Baltic News Service.