Officials let Kabanovs off the hook

  • 2005-08-31
  • By TBT staff
RIGA - Security police have turned down a criminal case against For Human Rights in a United Latvia member Nikolajs Kabanovs, who had reportedly incited racial hatred.

On Aug. 31., the daily Latvijas Avize quoted police as saying that "no actions that could be classified as deliberate incitement of racial hatred and hostility were identified" during the inspection.

National partisans were offended when Kabanovs published insulting epithets about participants of the national resistance movement after WW II, in the Russian-language newspaper Vesti Segodna.

Defending their decision, police said that the author was describing "actions performed by the national partisans during WWII and after it," and that Kabanovs "was expressing his personal opinion."

They added that although the article "might be viewed as insulting, a complaint or application of the insulted person is needed to open such a case."