MPs turn to Supreme Court over border treaty

  • 2005-08-24
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - The Estonian Independence Party, which currently has no seats in Parliament, has turned to the Supreme Court to declare the Estonian-Russian border treaties as unconstitutional.

EIP chairman Vello Leito said the party was assuming that Article 122 of the Constitution, which says the Tartu Peace Treaty of Feb. 2, 1920 determines Estonia's land border, cannot be altered.

Party members insist that if this border is to be changed, Article 122 of the Constitution has to be amended in a referendum first.

Henn Polluaas, who in not affiliated with any party, filed a similar motion with the Supreme Court. Polluaas' case is scheduled for this fall.

Under Estonian law, only the president, the legal chancellor or local government councils can apply directly to the Supreme Court for constitutional review proceedings.