Estonian soldiers injured in Afghanistan

  • 2005-08-02
TALLINN 's Three members of the Estonian ordnance clearing team received light injuries while on duty Tuesday morning in Afghanistan, the defense forces general staff reported.

An AVB-E aviation bomb detonator exploded at the Sheberghan airfield in northeastern Afghanistan while the minesweepers were placing detonators, which had been marked for destruction, onto a lift. Three Estonian soldiers received minor injuries as a result of the blast, but were already back in service later in the day, the staff reported.

Medics of the mine clearance team gave first aid to the men on the spot, and later in hospital the Estonians were given thorough medical check-ups. The soldiers have called their relatives back home.

"I discussed with the team what happened and why," said commander of the mine clearance team Lt. Raivo Kutt. "The morale of the soldiers continues to be high and tomorrow the whole mine clearance team will continue their service as usual."