Budget puts strain on ruling coalition

  • 2005-07-23
RIGA - Junior partners in the ruling coalition have accused New Era of obstructing a budget agreement and holding a negative attitude toward the coalition in general.

New Era has attempted to introduce new principles in budget drafting whereby funds are distributed in proportion to each party's influence in the Cabinet of Ministers.

Augusts Brigmanis, Greens and Farmers parliament faction chair, said he has got an impression that New Era "looking for a reason to slide into opposition." He said it is very hard to work with the New Era ahead of the budget amendments because it has a negative view on everything.

Ainars Slesers, leader of Latvia's First Party and transport minister, said that New Era's behavior might bring down the government. "They want to overthrow the government because they are unable to show themselves in ministries," he said.

Latvia's First Party, he added, would not give up its support of Latvia's churches. "If New Era is against supporting Latvia churches then it could be reason for the government to fall," he warned.

Karlis Sadurskis, New Era's parliament faction chair, said, "We know that we are to a certain extent uncomfortable to other coalition partners. We are different, we can not accept the principle 'we will do something for you and you will do something for us."