Latvians' support for EU drops

  • 2005-07-13
  • By TBT staff
RIGA - The number of Latvian residents with a negative opinion about the European Union increased in June, a poll revealed.

In May, 20 percent of respondents said the EU was a "bad thing," while in June the figure rose to 25.5 percent, said the European Union Information Agency. These respondents were mostly people living in Latvia's central region of Zemgale, non-Latvians, unemployed persons and those older than 55.

In May, 36 percent of respondents said the EU was a "good thing" while in June that figure dropped to 30 percent. This included young people aged 18-24, persons with higher education, Latvians, residents of the country's western region, Kurzeme and people from rural areas.

The number of undecided people remained greatly unchanged.