Res Publica member criticizes Russia

  • 2005-07-13
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - Marko Mihkelson, Vice-chairman of Parliament's foreign affairs committee and Res Publica member, said Russia wanted to draw a line between Estonia and the European Union and NATO, the daily Postimees reported on July 13.

"Whenever Russia finds itself in an uncomfortable situation, it tries to draw a line between us and the EU or NATO, claiming that any problems that exist concern only Moscow and the Baltic states and others have nothing to do with them," Mihkelson told the paper.

But when Russia tries to put pressure on the Baltic states, he observed, for instance by playing the human rights card, the country asks Brussels to "see who you've admitted into your midst."

During an interview with Estonian television earlier this week, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko said that he could see no reason for EU mediation of the border treaty row.