European Parliament unlikely to consider draft declaration

  • 2005-06-17
  • By TBT staff
RIGA - The European Parliament is unlikely to consider a draft declaration that calls Russia to admit the occupation of the Baltic states, however, Parliament speaker Josep Borrell may include some of the document's content in his Parliamentary address next week.

Latvian MEP Rihards Piks from the European People's Party and European Democrats coalition said that EP chairmen did not back a proposal to include the declaration on Parliament's agenda. Although European Democrat chairman Hans Gerdt Pottering supported the initiative and lawmakers had collected the necessary number of signatures, it was not enough for the declaration to be included on the agenda.

"Frankly speaking, the European Parliament has passed several strict documents regarding relations with Russia lately. The first one is the resolution on the consequences of World War II, in which Russia was called to recognize facts of history. The other one is a regular document, which, in accordance with the 1997 EU-Russian partnership agreement, provides an evaluation that clearly points to historical events," the Latvian MEP said.