The Netherlands steps past Demark with confidence, takes first place

  • 2005-06-08
The Danes stepped down from their first-place pedestal during The Baltic Times Open third round, moving over for the Netherlands to take their spot.

Although both teams showed a strong performance on June 3, the Dutch, represented by the Netherlands-Latvian Chamber of Commerce, foreshadowed their win in the pre-round captain's game with a solid 157 points. By the time the qualification match had finished, Denmark I, represented by the Danish Embassy, was already several places behind the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the Dutch team tore through the game, strike after strike, to tally a total of 601 points.

The third round also saw top-noch plays from Germany I, Finland II and Russia. Meanwhile, the less competitive teams enjoyed the night as usual, spending more energy socializing with neighbors than trying to win.

A new Latvian team, Tennis Club Presidents, were welcomed with warm cheers and handshakes. Their lead player, former Foreign Minister of Latvia Valdis Birkavs, showed special enthusiasm for the game, and helped his team score a total of 529 points. For first-time players, their seventh place finish wasn't at all bad. If their talent develops, Latvia could end up in the Grand Final Round after all.

As the final ranking currently stands, Finland II (Riga's Finnish Trade Guild) is in the lead, followed by Denmark I and the Netherlands.

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