Maseko to send first shipment of fish preserves to China

  • 2000-08-03
TALLINN (BNS) - Fish processor Maseko will send a test shipment of one container with tinned fish to China in the first week of August.

The company hopes to expand its export to China if the first shipment is successfully sold.

The managing director of the Estonian Fisheries Association, Valdur Noormagi, said Estonian companies want to sell their products in China first of all because the price level there is higher than in their present export markets.

While presently Estonian processors are selling fish preserves to Ukraine and Russia at $0.20 apiece, a similar tin attracts $0.27 in Shanghai, Noormagi said.

Transportation costs to China make up $0.02 per tin. Noormagi said there was interest in Estonian tinned fish in China, but added that huge marketing efforts were needed to make the product better known.

Companies have big difficulties finding the money necessary for promotion of their products.

If the test consignment proves a success and export to China gains momentum, Estonian companies will turn their eyes to the inner regions of China, Noormagi said.

The test consignment consists of smoked sprats, herrings in oil and herrings in tomato sauce.