Parliament shares experience with South Caucasus

  • 2005-06-03
  • By TBT staff
A Lithuanian parliamentary delegation is leaving for the South Caucasus to share their experience in euro-Atlantic integration.

Led by Parliamentary Speaker Arturas Paulauskas, the delegation will leave for a week-long visit to three countries in the South Caucasus region -- Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia -- on June 4.

"The purpose of the visit is to introduce three South Caucasus countries into the development, the achievements of our country, to assist them in developing democracy and the economy, and to convey the experience we have accumulated in the process of integrations into the European Union and NATO. This is especially important because Georgia and Azerbaijan have already declared quite explicitly their willingness to access the EU and NATO," Paulauskas told journalists.

During the visit, the delegation will meet with top officials and politicians, students, and members of non-governmental organizations.