Serial killer sentenced for life

  • 2005-05-12
  • By TBT staff
RIGA - A Riga regional court sentenced Kaspars Petrovs to life imprisonment for the murder of 38 people, the attempted murder of eight, theft, and robbery. Petrovs, the most prolific serial killer in Latvian history, asked for forgiveness from the families of the murdered, and blamed his own family and upbringing for his "failures."

"I understood that I would not be able to earn as much as my family demanded from me. Therefore I turned to crime. Of course, I did not enjoy doing all this, it was disgusting, but I got carried away and could not stop. I wanted only to rob them, not to kill them," Petrovs told the court.

Petrovs usually preyed on older women who lived alone. He would follow the women home, pretend to be a gas inspector and then proceed to rob and kill them. Reportedly, his murder spree resulted in a stolen total of 18,000 lats. Petrovs had been living homeless for the last three years on the streets of Riga.