Poll: 40 percent of Estonians never heard of EU constitution

  • 2005-05-06
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - While Estonian residents' support for European Union membership falls around 70 percent, there is very little knowledge about the EU's proposed constitution, a recent survey of citizens and non-citizens revealed.

In the poll, conducted by TNS Emor last month, 55 percent of all respondents said they had heard at least something about the EU constitutional treaty, while 40 percent said they had never heard of it.

Of respondents aged 15-74, 45 percent saw the treaty as advantageous for Estonia, while 15 percent saw it as disadvantageous for the country. Forty percent had no opinion.

Support for EU membership among Estonian citizens stood at 68 percent in April, compared with 70 percent in the preceding month.