TBT recommends - 2005-05-04

  • 2005-05-04

St. John's church

One of Tartu's best-loved landmarks, the 14th-century Jaani Kirik (St. John's Church), opened its doors to the public on May 3 after 16 years of renovation.

The immense, brick church that lords over the Old Town is best known for its terracotta sculptures, around 1,000 of which were destroyed when the church was bombed at the end of World War II. The most interesting of these have been copied and will be installed for the church's official reopening on June 29. Jaani Kirik, Jaani 5, Tartu. Open Tue. 's Sat., 10 a.m. 's 6 p.m. Admission free.



Sun 15 - 20:00 's A cult figure in the '80s and '90s, Boris Grebenshchikov will be bringing back the music of yesteryear in Riga's Congress Hall on May 15. With his band Aquarium, Grebenshchikov will be playing hits from his latest album, "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom." This could be the last chance to catch Aquarium in concert, so don't pass it up. Tickets cost 17-36 euros.


Divine art

One of Lithuania's most revered writers among foreign readers, Jurga Ivanauskaite, also has a gift for painting. And now the public has the chance to witness the artist's wide range of talent, as Ivanauskaite recently opened an exhibition called "Angelariumas." The paintings represent her unique perception of religion and the divine. "Angelariumas" was inspired by the traditions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Ivanauskaite's spectacular collection will be shown at Gallery Meno Nisa (J.Basanaviciaus 1/13, Vilnius) until May 30.