Lietuva in brief - 2005-05-04

  • 2005-05-04
The production of moonshine will be legalized sooner or later, says the head of Parliament's committee on rural affairs, member of the Labor Party faction Jonas Jagminas. A law on the preservation and promotion of national heritage products should be drafted by late June. Under this legislation "a step will be made toward legalizing moonshine," Jagminas said, adding that the homemade alcoholic beverage has been legalized in nearly all European countries. The government opposes the legalization of moonshine, which is prohibited unless produced for personal and family use.

The National Martynas Mazvydas Library has sent Lithuanians living in the Saldus district of Latvia a shipment of 100 new books about Lithuanian history, language and culture, as well as fiction, the Foreign Ministry reported. So far this year, the national library has transferred three sets of books with 100 books each to the Lithuanian Embassy. The first shipment of books was handed over to citizens residing in the district of Bauska in March.

Archaeologists believe to have discovered the remains of 16th century noblemen - Mikalojus Radvila the Red, Mikalojus Radvila the Black - and their families in Moletai district. The graves were uncovered last summer when students from Vilnius University and the Vilnius Jesuit High School conducted an archaeological dig at the site in Dubingiai. Based on matches in historical data and bone peculiarities, professionals concluded that the remains were those of Mikalojus Radvila the Black, his wife Elzbieta Sidlovecka-Radviliene, Mikalojus Radvila the Red and Jonusas the VI Radvila.

During a recent visit to Helsinki, Foreign Vice-Minister Zenonas Petrauskas handed consular certificates to two new Lithuanian honorary consuls in the provinces of Lapland and North Karelia, Finland the Foreign Ministry reported. So far, Lithuania has an embassy and three honorary consuls in the country, and has appointed a total of over 100 honorary consuls in some 60 countries across the world.