Itinerary of Bush visit to be announced at last minute

  • 2005-05-04
The final itinerary for the May 6 's 7 visit of United States President George W. Bush will be announced at the last minute, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

"It will be ready when it will be ready," Atis Lots, a ministry official, told the Baltic News Service.

The daily Diena reported on Tuesday that Bush would give a televised speech to journalists at the Small Guild in Old Town.

Lots said there is approximate clarity regarding what institutions and places Bush could visit but declined to specify them. Plans were being worked out by both U.S. officials and the Latvian president's chancellery.

As many as 470 journalists from all over the world have been accredited to cover the visit. The Foreign Ministry reported that it had accredited 153 Latvian journalists, 182 media representatives accredited at the White House as well as 135 media representatives from other states.